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Planning on building a new resume but don’t know how to go about it? Have asked around for professional resume building services and they are costing you a month’s salary for a job you still don’t have? Unable to find the right words, the right font or the right format to get started? Why don’t you ask the Internet for a little help? Well, you probably have, and that is how you landed here. Worry not! We’ve got you covered. This small free guide will help you make a killer resume in no time!

1. Find the Most Efficient Resume Building Site There Is!

Yes, there are several online resume building sites out there, and the best ones are free! There are plenty of places to select from so do your research well to find the most efficient and technologically integrated one. You should look for a site that has plenty of formats and types of resumes to select from and an easy resume building software. Not to forget it should be free and user-friendly! Invest your time in searching for the right website and the rest of the steps would be easier than a walk in the park!

2. Sieve Through the Resume Formats Catering to Your Skills Set

These sites boast a huge collection of formats that cater to a wide range of niches. Whether you are a photographer, a nurse or a gold-digger, you’d most likely find a broad variety of formats dedicated to your skills. Don’t just select the first format that pops up, as most lazy resume creators would have in the past, but go through them thoroughly to find the one that resonates your personal style and taste.

3. Start Adding Information

These sites are easy enough to use. All you need to do is follow the instructions, and you are ready to go. The site will suggest font types and sizes or will ask you to select your own from their lists.It will also request information regarding your experiences, contact information, and other categories.
The best thing about online resumes is that they have all the areas of an effective resume covered so there is a minimal chance that you’d forget to add any essential information. Once you have added all the information, take a preview to see if you like it. There is no clock ticking so be sure to take your time and correct anything you are unhappy with.

Too much choice can sometimes be detrimental as you tend to get carried away. So if you have used a lot of Bolds, Italics, and Colored fonts then, you may want to reconsider as it would question your professionalism when the resume finally reaches the recruiters.

4. Save it and Go

Once you are completely satisfied with the result, you can now save your resume. Even if you are not too happy with it or would like to make some changes, save it anyway rather than planning on starting from scratch the next time.These resumes are not set in stone, and you can easily modify it after saving it on your computer, so go ahead and save the changes if you are midway or not completely satisfied with it and then come back to it at a later time.

The 4eLife Job Search website has a state-of-the-art resume wizard that takes you step by step through the resume building process so register for free and start writing cover letters and a first class resume today. Click here to register at the 4eLife Job Search.

So there you have it! It is that easy! So go on and get down to it. All the best.

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This is a relatively simple question to answer. You should apply for jobs online because the recruiters are looking for candidates online! It is as simple as that. Online job portals have become the go-to solutions for job seekers and recruiters alike. Hence, it is via this platform that you should try to get the most suitable job for yourself too.
Finding jobs can be a daunting task in these tough times, and you’d be smart not to leave any stone unturned when it comes to approaching the right positions in the job market. Moreover, the Internet is the biggest rock there is for ideal job openings. So if you have been going through the classified section of your newspaper for the past six months with no luck, then now is the time to reconsider. Following are a few reasons why you should consider applying online for jobs:

1. Because You Can Make a Stronger Case for Yourself

If you have ever tried to search for ideal resumes and CV templates, then you’d know how confusing and contradicting tips for making the perfect resume are. While some would ask you to keep it short, simple and straightforward, others would ask you to give out lengthy explanations of your skills and experiences.

So what do you really do? What if the recruiter shuts down your resume even before he gets through the first paragraph because it is too lengthy or maybe he doesn’t even take your resume seriously because it doesn’t really have enough information highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. You cannot cater to all via a piece of paper. But you can through an online portal where the recruiters have the option to read as much or as little about you to determine whether you are a good fit.

2. Because It Tells the Recruiters That You Are In Line with the Evolving Technological Trends

Technology is a part of every business today, no matter how big or small. From methods of communication to other common business practices, technology is strongly integrated in all forms. And recruiters too are looking for candidates who understand these changing times and incorporate them into their practices also. The Internet is a necessity for the success of any business, recruiters understand this and now so should you!

3. Because That’s Where the Fortune 500 Companies Shop for Recruits

The fact of the matter is, everybody turns to the Internet for answers to all their queries, and employee hunts are no different. According to Jobvite, 94% of recruiters use social media in various forms for recruiting and 49% report improvement in candidate quality. This is so because candidates are better able to highlight their capabilities and experiences using the advanced systems on job search sites compared to pieces of paper where the quality of the candidate is sometimes measured by the quality of paper used. You definitely deserve a better screening than your choice in paper!

4. Because It Saves the Environment

Environmentalists are always emphasizing on the need for paperless business practices, and the chances are that the business you are applying for are also either incorporating this practice or planning to. Offering an eco-friendly resume would help you make the first impression you’ve been wanting to all along!
So there you have it, four great reasons tto help you make your job search online a success.

You may also wish to register at the 4eLife Job Search website, it has a state-of-the-art resume wizard that takes you step by step through the resume building process so register for free and start writing cover letters and a first class resume today. Click here to register at the 4eLife Job Search.


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There is absolutely no doubt that the World Wide Web has many potentials to help you find the right job. If you take it as a game of roulette and keep spinning the wheel then the chances of you landing a jackpot, or any win is as good as if you were headed to Vegas to turn your life around. It is not the Internet that is the risky approach, but your theoretical approach or overconfidence that can make it ineffective. Following are a few tips and tricks to help your quest for finding online job success:


Write a Killer Resume

Yeah, you have heard of this one a million times, but this is one factor that remains unchanged whether you are applying for a job online or otherwise. So make sure you give your resume it's due diligence and make efforts to write a resume that will be impactful enough to attract the right recruiters. There are plenty of websites that provide assistance for building resumes. They are easy to glide through and are free of cost. So do research to find a good website that will help tidy up your resume. The 4eLife Job Search has a first class resume wizard you can check out here.


Keep it Clean

Unlike regular job postings, recruiters online don't just view your resume, they review your entire existence online, so make sure you add any achievement worthy enough to be mentioned. Because in current times, if your performanceis not recorded online, it probably didn't even happen! So no matter how small an achievement, it is significant enough to be mentioned online. Moreover, it is not just about your profile on the job site, but rather your presence all across the Internet including your social media profiles, your views on online forums and other similar portals.


Clean Up Your Dirt

Recruiters have fancy software to dig up your dirt online too, so be aware that a wild night out at the beach would cost you a lot more than a hangover! So before you post anything online make it go through the 'would all my future bosses love me for it?' Test. This does not mean you should not have fun; this only means refrain from posting it online just to tick off your schoolmate that used to bully you around. You'd have plenty of opportunities to do that when you land a killer job.

Just Like Your Twitter Update, Your Resume Needs Constant Updates Too

There are hundreds of thousands of resumes being uploaded daily, and for better or worse, only the recently updated ones come on top of search results. So make sure you keep tweaking your resume from time to time, even if you do not have anything too significant to update. This would ensure that you remain on top of search results.



Everything on the Internet is all about keywords, and the selection of right ones. It is not just Google whose algorithms are designed around the right keywords. Social media and job site results are also heavily influenced by keywords. So even you are a possible match for a recruitment search if your resume is keyworded in a search enginefriendly way, the chances of you showing up in the results are then quite good. Add strategically targeted keywords in your resume to attract the most suitable jobs too.

So there you have it, your insider information on how to make your job search online success.

The 4eLife Job Search website has a state-of-the-art resume wizard that takes you step by step through the resume building process so register for free and start writing cover letters and a first class resume today. Click here to register at the 4eLife Job Search.

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