4eLife Frequently Asked Questions

What Is 4eLife?

4eLife is a collection of website services that provide an extra income opportunity for online businesses large or small.

What Does 4eLife Mean?

The term 4eLife can be disected to mean the following: 4 is an anlogue of FOR: Being FOR Something as apposed to Against.
"e" is metaphorical for ONLINE as apoosed to something that is offline in the real world. LIFE simply means LIFE.
So when you put it all together you could use a phrase FOR INTERNET LIFE. Of course it is just referring to PRO Internet Life.

4eLife For Short.

How Many Sites Are There In The 4eLife Network?

The4eLife Network is a growing entity. At the beginning of its Life and currently, 4eLife contained five classified ads sites (UK, US, AU, CA and GLOBAL), two community sites (SOCIAL & DATING), five blogs, property, business, auto and jobsearch directories as well as project managemtns and self improvement as well as traffic generation and marketing sites.

The above mentioned sites form the core of the 4eLife network. The external network is set for a future date.

What Is The New World Opportunity?

The 4eLife New World Opportunity is an ordinary persons chance to be part of something bigger. Whether you're a paiter and decorator ar a carpenter, through the New World Opportunity you will learn to hone your skills in to a viable online product and business then use the 4eLife Network as your online home just as if you owned the 4eLife Network.

By marketing the 4eLife Network you bring people to your carpenter or other online business of your interest and by bringing people into your online carpenters business you bring people into the 4eLife network where you collect commissions for any 4eLife sales that are made from the people who you brought into the network.

There a few conditions to joining 4eLife that you can find out more about by visiting The 4eLife New World Opportunity Affiliate Section.

Do I Need To Have My Own Business To Join 4eLife?

In a word - No. However, we are looking for entrepreneurs who are willing to put the effort forward to 1) create their own product or service. This can be anything that you are interested in, a hobby past time or general interest. 2) Participate in the 4eLife community and its service areas. 3) Grow their enterprise without limit using 4eLife activities as well as your personal business activities. 

As mentioned earlier there a few conditions to joining 4eLife that you can find out more about by visiting The 4eLife New World Opportunity Affiliate Section. You can also register as a regular affiliate and get paid the generous commission for users you bring into 4eLife without having your own business. You can find out more about becoming a general affiliate and signing up as a general 4eLife Affiliate Here.

How Can I Profit From The 4eLife Opportunity?

OK, lets briefly go over the main income possibilities of 4eLife. If you want to know more you can visit The 4eLife New World Opportunity Affiliate Section.
Lets say there are 3 levels to consider -
  • First - Level 1 - Having a business or product of your own. (You can also use one of the 4eLife areas as your product/business)
  • Second - Level 2 - Integrating your business with 4eLife.
  • Third - Level 3 - Marketing through 4eLife.
And lets say that you have taken care of level 1. And for an example we'll use a guitarist as our example here. So you're an expert guitarist but not earning enough income.
  • Step 1 - You join the 4eLife Opportunity.
  • Step 2 - You build a website describing your guitar lessons and books you have written as well as other guitar related services you offer.
Once you have a great tool to advertise your services then you need to market your services.
Now... you can take this as far as you like -
  • Step 5 - You can create a business listing at 4eLife Search. 
  • Step 6 - You join the 4eLife community and hold guitar master classes in your local area by creating local events.
  • Step 7 - You can write articles and submit them at 4eLife Publications.
  • Step 8 - You can create free classified ads and then you can also advertise your guitar related services through banner ads within the 4eLife network.
It is then really a case of creating guitar related content within the 4eLife Network of services. You can start groups, chat with potential customers, create events and much more.

Now all we have mentioned here ralates to your own guitar service business and integrating and promoting using the tools available at 4eLife.

Where the 4eLife opportunity comes into its own is that when you bring people into your guitar business you bring people into 4eLife and to other 4eLife users busineses. What's really cool is that when other 4eLife users bring people into their own business they too bring people into 4eLife and into your business.

Plus when you bring people into 4eLife and they purchase 4eLife services you get paid. 4eLife acts like a backend marketing system for your own business to profit.

Become part of the 4eLife Network and the New World Opportunity to Breath More LIFE Into Your Online Activities.


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