Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating

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So you have decided to find your life partner online, and are searching for the best ways to look for your perfect partner. Well, here’s news for you. We went and asked women about their online experiences and they told us some the most bizarre things!

When asked about online dating experiences, we were bombarded with responses from women. Saying things like, “ I want to have a girlfriend, so that next year she can split rent with me,” or “I want to have a girlfriend, so she can take care of the house chores for me,” is one of the most clichéd and biggest mistakes you can make. It will only push the girls away, and you won’t find yourself in good company.

Although, if you are the kind of guy who has prior dating experience, you are less likely to make this mistake. But navigating through the unchartered waters of online dating can be difficult. Here are some do’s and don’ts of online dating that will help you make your way successfully to your date’s heart.

Timing Matters

Here is one scenario which most guys should avoid. Never make the mistake of asking a girl out, and then telling her you will be busy for the next two weeks, when she responds. This is a big mistake. She is likely to assume that you are dating other girls, and will lose interest in you. If you really like her, and want to ask her out, wait until you are back in town. This way, she will not think that you are less attentive towards her.

Think Before You Say

When you are trying to introduce yourself over the internet, avoid saying inappropriate things. Women are easily scared away over the internet. As they cannot see our facial expressions and hear your voice, they are bound to take things the wrong way. Even if you do not intend it the wrong way. Saying things about your own physique may put her off, so it’s better not to do that. Give a compliment, but try not to make it sound cheap or sexist. Stick to neutral subjects like books, movie, and the like, something that doesn’t involve scaring the girl the moment you introduce yourself.

Keep All Insecurities Away

When you have decided to date online, never show your insecurities. Women dislike having to go through a man’s profile and finding that they are unsure of things. Posting things like, “Not sure about where my life is heading, but…” only form a negative impression in the reader’s mind. You do not want that, so try to post things that form a positive image of yourself.

These are a few things that will help you in online dating. Make sure to follow them to avoid messing up with your potential life partner. 4eLife Dating is a good platform for starting your online dating experience. Simply register, and you will be on your way towards finding the perfect partner for yourself. 

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