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The 4eLife Network was specifically created to add to and enhance your current or completely new online business activities. Its newtork of services are aimed at private individuals as well as business entrepreneurs and enable each to reach out through the internet with a much louder voice by becoming part of something bigger than the single individual.
Submit image, audio podcasts and video galleries and news articles that inform and add value to your readers.
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"Helping Others Succeed!" is the aim of 4eLife. We do that by providing a variaty of services to entrepreneurs to display and promote their works in the form of news articles and other media. The 4eLife Authors Portal helps you deliver your latest site news to your readers in a friendly, social environment whilst 4eLife Ads gets you seen by the 4eLife netwwork users. However, the most popular feature at 4eLife is the ability to be a part of the service groups you use to earning money by promoting those same service areas.

What we do

We provide domain & website hosting services.
Provide entrepreneurs with a publishing opportunity.
Operate a selection of Business Directories.
Provide an advance feature rich social community.


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Claim your online domain and start to build your presence and begin your 4eLife advernture.


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Make your presence know by adding events, news, galleries and more within 4eLife.


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Advertise and promote your business to the 4eLife Network.

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When you buy products or services from another businesses theres nothin in it for you apart from the original exchange of money for services. When you use 4eLife to promote your business you help yourself, others and 4eLife to build their business. But thats not all... As well as helping others who are at the same time helping you... You also earn money from performing those activities that bring people to the community.

Can you imagine the posibilities for your business if you had a stake in facebook or other large networks from the start?  Most likely not, because those large companies never have and never will share. At 4eLife our motto of "Helping Others Succeed" gets fullfilled when you, others and 4eLife bring people into the community.
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